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Renewal Information

Don’t let your accomplishment lapse! You don’t want to say, “I used to be an NBCT.”

There are currently two types of renewal opportunities. If you certified before 2012, you will participate in Renewal 1.0. The process asks you to reflect on what you have learned since you certified. Those who certified after 2012 will participate in a not-yet-released Maintenance of Certification. Visit the NBPTS website for renewal details. Renewal support at the NBRC.

Leadership Opportunities

NBCTs are in high demand to help guide decisions, support accomplished teaching, and drive education reform efforts. Please complete the survey!

Exploring Teacher Leadership

The California Teachers Association and various California National Board networks periodically offer conferences to showcase teacher leadership opportunities.

Understanding the Teacher Leadership Competencies

Exploring Teacher Leadership-Professional Development resources


Jump Start

We need NBCTs to be trained to lead JumpStart sessions. More information here.


Become a National Board Candidate Facilitator

As our California networks grow we need trained facilitators to support candidates through the process. This could be face-to-face or online. If interested, please complete this survey or register for our Facilitator Training this August.

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