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Online Candidate Support Program

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You will find our registration link for the 2024-25 academic year posted here in early August. Have a restful summer, everyone! 

If you are part of a pre-arranged district partnership, please email

Quotes from 2022-23 Program Participants
This program confirmed that we are all learners, we have potential, and that we can grow to be a better version of ourselves as educators. I am extremely happy with this program, the team, and all their help! Thank you!!This group and the connected Canvas course is the only reason I was able to complete my board certification not only on time but early. Having someone there to review my work made me feel so supported. My friends who were doing this on their own without the support of a group like this were constantly asking me for support.The support group is the reason I will become a NBCT. Their questions and comments on my work samples opened up new facets to how I teach. I will forever be indebted to my time with them.

The NBRC Candidate Support Program offers:

Find what works for you!

If the NBRC is not a fit for you, you can find other support programs at the NBTPS website here, or if you are in California, by looking at supports offered by the CTA or the list on the bottom of this CDE website. We wish you the best in your NB journey.

Where and when does the Support Group meet?

For the 2023-24 academic year, all support will take place online. We will meet on Tuesdays, 5-6pm PT every other week in the fall semester (Sept 12- December), and weekly in the spring semester (January-May).

Is there a fee or application for the Support Group?

Participation in our cohort costs $500 per year, but there is no application. We welcome all certificate areas, and candidates at any stage of the process, including retake candidates. 

Support group fees include access to all virtual meetings, facilitated by National Board Certified Teachers from a range of certificate areas. Fees also include access to a Canvas course, which houses all resources from synchronous sessions as well as asynchronous materials guiding you through the certification process. 

Does the NBRC offer private cohorts?

The NBRC partners with schools, districts, or other educational organizations to offer local private certification cohorts, connected to your local needs and context. We also offer "hybrid" cohorts through which candidates attend our nationwide online support group, with additional local support and collaboration facilitated by the NBRC.

Contact the NBRC for more info