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Why Certification?

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National Board Certification is often considered the "gold standard" of teaching. 

For teachers and counselors, pursuing certification can help you:

  • improve your teaching 
  • create a clear picture of your practice
  • use accomplished teaching standards to reflect on and grow your skills
  • gain professional authority and recognition

For administrators, supporting your teachers and counselor to pursue certification can: 

  • improve teaching quality
  • offer individualized professional learning for teachers in all content areas
  • create a rich teacher development continuum that supports your initiatives
  • develop your teachers' practice using the standards of accomplished teaching
  • grow and retain accomplished teacher leaders 

Board certification is available in 25 content areas and across the entire range of schools in the country. The ways that teachers demonstrate their mastery of the standards vary widely. The focus is on each teacher’s own content area, grade level, and teaching context. The certification process honors each of these unique context while also holding every candidate to the same high standards. Ultimately, becoming certified by attests that a teacher has demonstrated teaching that aligns with the highest standards of professional practice.

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