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NBCT Genevieve Capers of Wake County, NC shares her experience with National Board certification and how the process creates an impact on teachers.

NBCT, Adolescent Young Adult Math

Rachel Mariucci

I think more carefully about what I will teach and how I will teach it. It was such an educational experience that I had decided that, if I didn't certify the first time through, that I would try again. I learned so much just by going through the process.

NBCT, Early Adolescent Science

Terry Noeth

The national board certification process provided me with validation that what I was doing for my students in the classroom was very good. The certification process gave me insight as to how I could be even better.

NBCT, World Languages

Jamin Lynch

Perhaps the most long-term effect of completing NB for me personally is that I feel that I can always grow in new directions, focus on positive change instead of negative complacence, and connect with others who choose to dream, collaborate, and accomplish.

NBCT, Early Childhood Generalist

Hector Lee

One of the pivotal elements about National Board certification is its Professional Teaching Standards. As programs come and wane, the standards provide a balanced lens through which to examine programs. As a teacher who works in under served communities this is especially critical as it is important that we get education right. The education established at such schools must first primarily nourish the student as a human being and serve as a pathway to opportunity. The five core propositions time and again provide a view with which to evaluate what my school should be about.

NBCT, Exceptional Needs Specialist

Robin Hauge

National Board Certification drastically changed who I am as a teacher and as a Speech Language Pathologist.  During my year as a NB candidate I learned to step outside of my own 'world' and to utilize the wisdom of my co-workers. I also learned to think more critically about my own practice with children so that my work is always centered on best practice for children. Rather than completing an activity because it is part of what I do, I think critically about each activity I present, and why I am using that activity over any other.