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Resources for Getting Started

If you are a new candidate for National Board certification there are some ways to organize and begin the work.

  1. Select your certificate field by reading Selecting the Right Certificate.
  2. Read through the National Board Standards for your chosen certificate area and highlight.
  3. Register to be a National Board candidate with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards online. There are four steps to registration. You don't have to do these all at the same time but be aware of the deadline dates listed in the Guide to NB Certification. These are the four steps:
    • Apply as a candidate.
    • Pay your registration fee ($75 usually by the end of February).
    • Select the components that you wish to submit.
    • Pay for those components ($475 per component usually by the end of February).
  4. Find a support group and/or a facilitator. Click here to find a list of support groups in California or join us here at the National Board Resource Center. We offer face-to-face support and remote support. Call 650-724-7349 for more information.
  5. Read this first so that you understand the core propositions of the National Board: Five Core Propositions.
  6. Read the current year Guide to Certification. Make note of important dates for submission of forms, fees and portfolio.
  7. Read your Standards and Component instructions and start making a plan.
  8. Finally, get started using our free, open Canvas Foundations course.