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Online Candidate Support

Online cohort:

It's not too late to join us! For the 2019-20 year we are offering an Online Candidate Support with all the benefits of our Stanford in-person program. Candidates may enroll,  meet collaboratviely  online in a cohort, receive weekly facilitated support from trained NBCTs, be able to use the resources and materials of our in-person candidate support, and have specific content questions referred to our Stanford NBCT facilitators.

The online cohort will be facilitated by Linda Bauld, NBCT, Director of the NBRC and Bobbie Faulkner, NBCT, author of What Works!

The online cohort will function as its own independent group so meeting dates will be determined by the group.  The syllabus is here along with the schedule. Contact Linda at to discuss forming your own cohort or joining our Online Support.

The cost is $350 for each year, includes  yearlong candidate support and having your writing read by an NBCT. You may also qualify for up to ten continuing ed units for a total cost of only $85.

Register here:
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