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NB Candidacy FAQs

How does a teacher become National Board certified?

National Board certification is achieved by teachers who have created a unique portfolio of evidence from their own practice that aligns to a set of high professional standards set by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The teacher submits four components within a three-year time period. Each component is scored by highly-trained assessors who teach the same level and content as the candidate. Teachers whose portfolios (four components) are judged as demonstrating convincing evidence of accomplished teaching are granted National Board certification.

How do teachers learn about what they must demonstrate in the portfolio?

The NBPTS website allows teachers to look at the portfolio guidelines for their content area and level. The National Board Resource Center helps teachers understand what is needed to produce a portfolio through its support program. Interested teachers get a chance to preview the work of creating a portfolio and receive suggestions that help them get started planning the work.

How much does it cost to certify?

There are four components that must be submitted. Each component is $475. In addition, NBPTS charges an annual, nonrefundable $75 registration fee. Candidates only pay for the components submitted each year. To join our support program is an additional cost separate from the cost through NBPTS. The NBRC charges $425 for each year and up to 10 continuing ed units are included in that cost.

More Information

How do teachers who decide to pursue candidacy find the resources and support they need?

1.  Find a support group within your district and/or association.

2. Join our Candidate Support Program at Stanford.

3. Review the information on the National Board website.

4. Look for online support groups in your certificate area.