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Jamin Lynch (NBCT AYA/WLOE) 2002

The National Board certification process was the most meaningful, enriching and rigorous professional development in which I have ever participated. Not only did my teaching improve, but my definition of what I as a teacher should know and be able to do also changed, especially with regards to assessing students, improving my practice, and developing a student-centered, personalized approach. 

NB benefited me in other areas, too, such as improving my classroom confidence and subject-area competence.  On a different note, it helped me develop my leadership skills, as it did for others at my school who earned certification - three of the five of us have since become department heads, and all of us serve or have served on school site council, have trained staff and continue to be teacher-leaders at our school. 

Perhaps the most long-term effect of completing NB for me personally is that I feel that I can always grow in new directions, focus on positive change instead of negative complacence, and connect with others who choose to dream, collaborate, and accomplish.