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Candidate Support Program 2018-2019

Our Program

  • Provides a supportive, collaborative, learning environment
  • Certificate groups are led by National Board Certified Teachers
  • Teachers learn to describe and analyze their practice, which results in deeper understanding and improved teaching
  • Self-pace using our Canvas online learning course.
  • Start now with our Foundations course.

Where and when does the Support Group meet?

The Stanford support group meets eleven times on Saturday mornings, usually from 9:30-1:00 in Room 101, CERAS building on the Stanford University campus.

Hybrid cohorts: Teachers attending at a distance

There are cohorts in Lodi, Oakland, and Bayside MLK, Marin City in Marin County. Teachers meet in groups at those locations, attend most Stanford sessions remotely, and only attend a few sessions at Stanford. This enables teachers to collaborate, but not have to drive to Stanford each month. Please contact us for more details.

The dates for 2018-2019:

  • August 18: Overview of NB process, NB website & NBRC Canvas- Recording of our day
  • September 22: Goal Setting and Effective Use of Assessment-Recording
  • October 6: Developing Student Responsibility for Learning-Recording
  • November 10: Differentiation, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity-Recording
  • December 8: 3 Types of Writing – Description, Analysis, Reflection-Recording
  • Scoring: How Your Components are Scored- Recording
  • January 12: All components: No large meeting
  • February 9: All components: No large meeting
  • March 9: Assessment Center Preparation
  • April 13: All components: No large meeting
  • May 4: Graduation and Celebration

Here are the dates from the 2017-18 year along with recordings from our large group sessions.

Free Online Information with CTA:

This year we offer online meetings co-sponsored by CTA. These do not take the place of our Saturday sessions, but they will help you revisit material covered in those sessions or receive a summary of the session you may have missed. The schedule and registration information will be linked here when it is finalized.

What topics are covered in the support group meetings?

Click here to download the 2018-19 plan and discover the topics for next year! 

Who may attend or enroll in the support group?

The support group is open to any teacher wanting professional development, candidates for NB certification, advanced candidates and other educators who are interested in learning first-hand about the certification process (e.g., administrators, principals, etc.)

Is there a fee for the program?

There is a one-time registration fee of $150.00, which is due by September 23. After paying this fee, you will be added to our Canvas support course.  In addition, there is a fee of $150 for each component submitted that year.  Payment for component support is due by November 1st. 

What if I am too far away to participate in the hybrid model of NBRC support?

If you are so far away that you can't attend any sessions, you can still join us and access the group through online tools like Google Drive. Or you can work independent from Stanford and purchase access to our support curriculum in Canvas, which is an online learning management tool. You can watch an overview of it here. The cost for access to being an independent user in Canvas is $75 total for up to five years. You can register and pay for the course here.

May I earn university credits for my work?

For an additional total fee of $85.00, you may earn up to ten quarter units through Stanford Continuing Studies awarded on the basis of the number of sessions attended and the number of components completed and submitted to the NBPTS. If you use Canvas you may also be eligible for continuing education units. Please complete this form and send to Martha Lampert. In addition, you must register and pay for your units here.

How do I register for the Candidate Support Group?

You may register below and pay by credit card or bring your check to your first session.

Register now

Pay now

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