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The Benefits of Certification

Instructional Leaders Advance Quality Teaching

Administrators seeking to be effective instructional leaders naturally want to make choices that promote quality teaching. Understanding the National Board’s vision of accomplished teaching helps principals support teachers’ growth toward the highest standards in the profession. Even principals who are not board certified can learn about the certification process, and how to recognize evidence of the standards in practice.

Encourage Good Teachers to Move to the Top of the Profession

Many NBCTs credit a supportive administrator with their decision to seek certification. Additionally, many of them cite ways that principals and district personnel helped them to achieve certification during their candidacy. Beyond assisting teachers with the considerable expense involved, teachers talk about the impact of other kinds of support such as providing professional development time for creating the portfolio and reducing requirements teachers might ordinarily spend on other out-of-classroom duties.

Capitalize on the Expertise of Board Certified Teachers

Supporting promising candidates for National Board certification is an excellent first step in promoting great teaching. The impact of cultivating certification is not just on an individual teacher’s practice, but affects many members of a school staff as Board certified teachers are able to assume new roles as role models, mentors, curriculum developers, and leaders in the professional community. 

Cultivate a Common Vision of Good Teaching

The National Board’s revised program allows teachers to complete one-two  components of the National Board portfolio a year (four components in total over 3 years) as a way of engaging in standards-based professional development. When a group of teachers from one site pursues certification it creates a stronger learning community and encourages teachers to become instructional leaders

Attend a National Board Introductory Seminar

Administrators wishing to learn about Board certification and how to encourage and support candidates are encouraged to attend one of our introductory seminars to learn about certification and how to advance quality teaching through National Board certification.