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2021-2022 Support Program Registration

Click here to pay.

Welcome to our National Board Support program. For candidates working on their initial certification, we consider our program to be a two-year experience with the cost being $400 each year. We also support retake candidates and NBCTs who are working on Maintenance of Certification. 

  • First-year or second-year candidate for initial certification:  $400 per academic year 
  • Third-year candidate: No cost if you have already paid $800 
  • Retake candidate:  $200 if retaking one component;  $400 if retaking two components.  $75 for Component 1 retake.
  • Maintenance of Certification (MOC): $250 for a one year process. The virtual MOC group will meet monthly on Saturdays Sept-May

For more information on certification options and timelines, please read National Board's Guide to National Board Certification.


To register for the 2021-2022 support program, please complete the form below AND submit payment through this link.

If you have questions about registration or payment, including coordinating with a third-party payer, please contact Alissa Fong (

For more info on certificate areas, please visit National Board's document on Choosing the Right Certificate Area