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2020-2021 Support Program Registration

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Welcome to your National Board Support program. We consider our program to be a two-year experience with the cost being $400 each year. If you think you might do one component this year and another your third year, you will not pay for the third year. In other words, our program is $800 whether you complete it in two or three years.

Pre-candidate or participant: You may wish to attend as a pre-candidate or simply for the amazing collaboration and professional development. $200.

First-year in-person candidate:  $400 for the year 

Second-year candidate: $400 for the year.

Third-year candidate: No cost if you have already paid $800 

Retake candidate:  $200 if retaking one component;  $400 if retaking two components.  $75 for Component 1 retake.

Maintenance of Certification: $100 for a complete read of your writing. 

Online candidate: $400



Some candidates are part of a cohort that meets elsewhere some sessions.