About ACT

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The Accomplished California Teachers forum was established in January, 2008 by the National Board Resource Center at Stanford with funding from the Stuart Foundation. ACT membership is open to National Board Certified Teachers and other accomplished teachers who wish to contribute to conversations about initiatives that advance quality teaching in California. Its primary mission is to give policymakers and the public ways to learn the views of skilled practitioners about the issues that will build and enhance the quality of the teacher workforce in the state. Teachers who wish to become part of ACT must be willing to contribute to ACT’s work in conversations and/or preparing reports about policies that affect teaching quality and to designing future work to build the influence of the organization in the state.

Looking Ahead

ACT began its work with a series of discussions about teacher evaluation policies in California. Perspectives about how these policies contribute to insuring and promoting quality are the focus of this report that will be released in early Fall, 2009. It will be followed by a closely linked report on ways to develop a new professional compensation system for teachers.