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  • Attend The Introductory Seminar

    The National Board Resource Center is sponsoring an introductory session to familiarize prospective teachers with the National Board certification process and how to begin the process on May 17, 2014. This session will begin at 9:30 and end at 1:00 in Room 300 in the CERAS Building at Stanford. The topics covered during this session will include what the certification process entails, how to become a candidate, what to expect during the candidacy journey, and some tips on getting started.


  • Jumpstart – A Good Way to Begin the National Board Journey

    Jumpstart is an excellent way to learn how to create a portfolio for National Board certification. The four-day session will introduce the standards and the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching that frames all the work of a National Board Certified Teacher. This year’s session will be offered from July 15- 18. Jumpstart is sponsored by the Center for Supporting Excellence in Teaching at Stanford and is one of the offerings in the Stanford Summer Teaching Institute. For registration go to